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"every place I go, I take another place with me."

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Southern Lights Productions on Flickr.my new company, Southern Lights Productions!

Southern Lights Productions on Flickr.

my new company, Southern Lights Productions!

an engagement story.

if you have ever wondered what it’s like to follow the Lord and be in a relationship with someone who does the same, this is what it looks like. this is a beautiful engagement story! just wanted to share to show what it looks like ladies and all the we can have! and it’s really only the beginning.


wow, you have so many friends. You are very lucky. How did you meet them? Highschool friends? asked by Anonymous

within the past year, I seemed to have gathered a lot. I feel so blessed every time we get to spend time together. I met pretty much everyone through church and a good bit of us belong to a house church we have. we are all in our mid-upper 20’s, everyone lives in the city, so we just get to spend a lot of time together.


Tunnel of Lights, Japan 
photo from naganohotel


Tunnel of Lights, Japan

photo from naganohotel

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with all my thoughts and with all my memories, I could have never pictured this life.

a life so sweet
a life so filling
a life so new
a life so loved.

I have embarked on this journey to every lasting peace and will forever let it reign over me.

I want to bless
I want to serve
I want to love
and I want to live in faith.

I will pour out and overflow into hearts of the unknown and into the eyes I have seen.

I believe in
unseen faith
moving mountains
prevailing grace
and unhindered love.

I promise to seek eternity and forever make my heart your home.

I am a daughter of You
of Him
of the Father
of the Son
and the Holy Spirit.



Directed by Rick Mereki

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